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Humber Hybrid Series:

Introduction (0:29): 
Humber Hybrid Introduction Video

Equipment & Technology (2:22): 
Humber Hybrid Equipment & Technology

Successful Etiquette For Hybrid Meetings (3:07): 
Humber Hybrid Etiquette Tips

Access Points & Network Connections (2:01): 
Humber Hybrid Networking

Audio Considerations (2:32): 
Humber Hybrid Audio Tips

Video Considerations (2:59): 
Humber Hybrid Video Tips

Screen Sharing (2:20): 
Humber Hybrid Screen Sharing


Microsoft Virtual Training Sessions:

New! Teams Channels & Files Level 200
Recorded Video - Channels & Files Level 200

New! Teams - Webinars, PowerPoint Live
Recorded Video - Webinars, PowerPoint Live

Teams Channels & Files Level 100
Recorded Video - Channels & Files

Teams - For Higher Ed
Recorded Video - Higher Ed

Teams Level 200
Recorded Video - Level 200

Teams - Breakout Rooms
Recorded Video - Breakout Rooms

Teams Meetings
Recorded Video - Teams Meetings

Recorded Video - OneNote

Recorded Video - OneDrive


ITCS Digital Workplace:

Login & Introduction
ITCS Digital Workplace 1

Accessing & Navigation
ITCS Digital Workplace 2

Submission & Status Check
ITCS Digital Workplace 3

Status & Resubmission
ITCS Digital Workplace 4